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Assorted Mix of Seashells

Bulk seashells - seashells by the gallon, kilo and pound

We offer 4 styles of mixed seashells that are great for crafts, filling lamps, filler seashells, etc...   

Three are sold in bags of 4.5 pounds or approximately 1 gallon.  These bags are $13.95 each.  Please note a bag is approximately 2 kilos or 4.5 pounds of sea shells.  The other mix, the tiny mix of seashells, is sold in a kilo bag at $10.00 a bag

It is possible to receive a discount if  purchasing large quantities of a mix.  10 gallons or more of the same type mixed sea shells  will cost only $10.00 a gallon.  If purchasing 10 kilos of the tiny the price drops to $9.00 a kilo.  Just enter this quantity into the quantity ordered box and recalculate order to see the discounted amount. 


bulk seashells tiny This is the tiny mix of seashells.  Most of the shells are under .75" in size.  It is sold in 1 Kilo bags at $10.00 a bag


gallon assorted seashells

Here is the small mix of seashells with most seashells being under 1.25" $13.95 a gallon bag




assorted seashells medium The medium mix of seashells is a gallon bag of seashells that are mostly 3/4"-2" in size.  Cost $13.95 a gallon of seashells.  There are about 350-400 seashells in this medium mix.OUT OF STOCK



assorted seashells large


This is the large mix of seashells with most seashells being 1"to 3" $13.95 a gallon bag.  There are about 80-110 shells in the large gallon.




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